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Project Troll Roll: Level 30 Complete

I went ahead and moved on over to Hillsbrad Foothills and a little of Arathi Highlands. I have to admit that this leveling chunk started to wear me thin a lot quicker. The whole zone is fun until you get to the Stromgarde section; poor design with the whole run all the way over here, kill a couple things, run all the way back, get sent back to the same place and being forced to mow through the same mobs.

Zen'fera - 123 DPS. Joy.
Zen'za - 96 DPS. Full BoA group makes Focus hard to obtain. Better.
Zen'tuku - 112 DPS. Hemo makes the world go round.
Zen'sera - Couldn't do Shadow anymore, switched to Disc. Managed 78 DPS in dungeons. Not good, but better than it would have been.
Zen'jie - Still love my Sham. Got Stormstrike at 29, was sitting at 172 DPS in dungeons.
Zen'fi - 134 DPS. Oh Hot Streak. I love you.
Zen'kazkah - 94 DPS. Good God, Demo is amazing for leveling, but it's hard to shine when you're in with a decent group.
Zen'kikii - 132 DPS. So this would be higher if I were not so lazy and had gone to train...any of my skills.


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