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Project Troll Roll: Level 40 Complete

The beginning of Arathi Highlands, a large chunk of the Hinterlands and most of Western Plaguelands make up levels 30-40.

The Hir'watha quests and the Lumbermill quests in Western Plaguelands were the only major drags, everything else was quick and pretty stream lined. I'm glad all 9 of my girls are Herbalists, it would make you sick to see how many herbs you had to pass up in Western Plaguelands.

  • Zen'fera - Still Fury and still doing very well.
  • Zen'za - Speeding up with talents, still not as fast as Survival.
  • Zen'tuku - Easy to level in general, being sneaky has its perks.
  • Zen'sera - Had to stay Disc all the way up to 40, I'm hoping Shadow may finally be worth it in the 40-50 bracket.
  • Zen'jie - I'm starting to believe my Shamans will always be my favorite characters to level.
  • Zen'kazkah - Send Pet. Dot Dot Dot. Tab. Dot Dot Dot. Repeat.
  • Zen'kikii - Finally getting more points into Tiger's Fury (regain energy/more damage) has made the Druid one of the fastest classes this bracket.