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Whelp Grinding!

I've started a new project; partly because I want a new mage for a bit of battleground fun once the patch hits, and partly because I want all of the whelpling mini pets.

Meet Cryocore. She's a frost mage and I will be leveling her by grinding on Whelplings. Here's the plan; pick up skinning, good bags, and a sturdy wand.

From level 20-29 she will be grinding on the Red, Crimson, and Flamesnorting whelplings in the Wetlands. Obtain Tiny Crimson Whelpling.
Levels 33-38 she will moving on to the Dreaming and Adolecent whelps of the Swamp of Sorrows for Tiny Emerald Whelpling.
38-45 are the Scalding and Searing whelps of the Badlands for a Dark Whelpling.
Finally there is the Azure Dragonspawn, Scalebane, Magelord, and Mageweavers of Azshara from level 55-58. The final lootable whelpling, the Azure Whelpling.

Awww, Frosty is going to have a family again.