The adventures of a World of Warcraft alt-a-holic.

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Dual Boxing

Through my multiple alts, I often wondered if there was a faster way to level. Then one day, inside a truly sorry Arathi Basin match, it finally hit me. It hit me in the form of five perfectly timed Lightning Bolts.
Dual-boxing has been around for quite some time now within the WoW community. Some people are against it, saying that it gives unfair advantages within PvP. While this may or may not be true, Blizzard has clearly stated that they have nothing in the ToS against dual-boxing, and that they are not concerned with its effects in PvP.
With that out of the way, we have to wonder what the pros and cons can be to running a multi-box setup. The obvious pros to multi-boxing are; leveling multiple characters at the same time, the ability to complete difficult quests (and even instances) by yourself, and coupled with refer-a-friend two and a half times experience bonuses up until level sixty. The cons depend on what set up you chose, but a few are present no matter what; it can be difficult to acclimate yourself to controlling multiple characters, paying for multiple accounts each month, and the price of purchasing the game and any expansions for each new account.

Zhevra Mounted - The Beginning

Welcome to Zhevra Mounted, a blog all about the surly adventures of an alt-a-holic. Expect ramblings about questing, vanity pets, professions...ramblings in general. I hope to have everything up and running soon.