The adventures of a World of Warcraft alt-a-holic.

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Project Troll Roll: Level 30 Complete

I went ahead and moved on over to Hillsbrad Foothills and a little of Arathi Highlands. I have to admit that this leveling chunk started to wear me thin a lot quicker. The whole zone is fun until you get to the Stromgarde section; poor design with the whole run all the way over here, kill a couple things, run all the way back, get sent back to the same place and being forced to mow through the same mobs.

Zen'fera - 123 DPS. Joy.
Zen'za - 96 DPS. Full BoA group makes Focus hard to obtain. Better.
Zen'tuku - 112 DPS. Hemo makes the world go round.
Zen'sera - Couldn't do Shadow anymore, switched to Disc. Managed 78 DPS in dungeons. Not good, but better than it would have been.
Zen'jie - Still love my Sham. Got Stormstrike at 29, was sitting at 172 DPS in dungeons.
Zen'fi - 134 DPS. Oh Hot Streak. I love you.
Zen'kazkah - 94 DPS. Good God, Demo is amazing for leveling, but it's hard to shine when you're in with a decent group.
Zen'kikii - 132 DPS. So this would be higher if I were not so lazy and had gone to train...any of my skills.

Project Troll Roll: Level 20 Complete

Surprisingly is wasn't until I hit Zen'kikii (Last one on the list) that the Barrens really started to drag on my soul. After I got each of them to about 19 I went ahead a queued up for Shadowfang Keep to get to 20 and do a little experiment to see who can do what. We see people in BoA's so often now, it's easy to lose touch with what an average, new player can milk out of their character. I'm not new, I'm also not the greatest, but simply and comfortably average.

Make sure to check out the "Barrens 10-20" photo album at the top for a peek at what it's like to level in the Barrens.

  • Zen'fera - (Fury) 60 DPS. I've always loved Fury. Soloing was quick and easy and the instance ran smooth.
  • Zen'za - (Marks) 70 DPS. I've been a Survival Hunter since I started raiding in BC, but I was Marks before that and figured I'd give it another shot. If you get the jump then its probably going to be a one shot on things your level if you don't it's an irritating muddle of spin jumping and pin pricks of Arcane Shots.
  • Zen'tuku - (Sub) 38 DPS. Shaaaaaaaame. To be fair, ambush only gets you so far when you're chain pulling an instance. Fun to solo, however, the changes to stealth speed and cooldown has made things a lot more fun.
  • Zen'sera - (Shadow) 41 DPS. I forgot how much I hate low level Priests. Mana sucks and there aren't enough skills to be using as Shadow. This was the only character, out of all freakin' nine, that ever ran out of mana, and she did it frequently.
  • Zen'jie - (Enhance) 57 DPS. My geared sucked at the beginning of the instance (just bad luck) but by the end I had managed weapon upgrades and it pulled it up. Shaman was refreshing to come back to after the Priest.
  • Zen'fi - (Fire) 48 DPS. A little skewed by the full BoAs group I had making it impossible for me to get a cast off half of the time. She was a blast, excuse the pun, to level and will only getting better once I talent into proc'ing Pyroblast instead of Arcane Missiles.
  • Zen'kazkah - (Demo) 46 DPS. Not all that amazing in instance, unstoppable soloing. Send pet. Dot next. Send pet. Dot next. Done.
  • Zen'Kikii - 46 DPS. Once again, just fine in instances but you can't beat their solo abilities.

Project Troll Roll: Level 10 Complete

Reached level 10 so far, I note that each class is pretty even in damage and survivability. Though Cat Form and the Mage pulled out ahead from 8-10.

Project Troll Roll

I love Trolls, but for some reason or another I never manage to finish leveling one. That's about to change, in 9 different ways. I'm setting out to roll each class that a Troll can be; Project Troll Roll has commenced! I'm going in class order and leveling each one in 10 level blocks then moving to the next in the interest of keeping rest.
I'm on a brand new server with no access to friends (so no high levels running me through or loaning gold) and no heirlooms.

For the sake of curiosity I'm going to be keeping record of /played times and average DPS while solo questing.

Meet the girls!

Zen'fera - Protection/Fury Warrior
Zen'za - Marksmanship Hunter
Zen'tuku - Subtlety Rogue
Zen'sera - Shadow Priest
Zen'died - Frost Death Knight
Zen'jie - Enhancement Shaman
Zen'fi - Fire Mage
Zen'kazkah - Demonology Warlock
Zen'kikii - Feral Druid