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Project Troll Roll

I love Trolls, but for some reason or another I never manage to finish leveling one. That's about to change, in 9 different ways. I'm setting out to roll each class that a Troll can be; Project Troll Roll has commenced! I'm going in class order and leveling each one in 10 level blocks then moving to the next in the interest of keeping rest.
I'm on a brand new server with no access to friends (so no high levels running me through or loaning gold) and no heirlooms.

For the sake of curiosity I'm going to be keeping record of /played times and average DPS while solo questing.

Meet the girls!

Zen'fera - Protection/Fury Warrior
Zen'za - Marksmanship Hunter
Zen'tuku - Subtlety Rogue
Zen'sera - Shadow Priest
Zen'died - Frost Death Knight
Zen'jie - Enhancement Shaman
Zen'fi - Fire Mage
Zen'kazkah - Demonology Warlock
Zen'kikii - Feral Druid