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Guide to Weekly Mount and Pet Farming (Dungeon and Raid Edition)

   There are a myriad of different mounts and pets to be found in Azeroth, the most prestigeous of which are hidden within raids and dungeons. Grab a friend or two and use this guide to head out and farm the rarest of companions and mounts. Mileage may very depending on your class, gear, and skill levels but my husband and I have been able to easily two man any of the fights on this list with our Rogue/Hunter combo.

Eastern Kingdoms

1 Mount, 4 Pets

   The only bosses that you must kill to gain access to Prince are Moroes (required to unlock Opera), Opera, Curator, and Chess event. You may run in to trouble soloing Chess event so I am including a strategy that works well from user Derpomatic on Wowhead.
1. Speak to your King/Chief to start the event and buff your troops Press 4 before stopping control of the gamepiece. Note: there is a debuff every time you leave a piece that forces you to wait a few seconds before jumping onto the next one. Watch for this and wait until its up or you will be clicking in vain!
2. Move the Pawns in front of the Knights one space forward Press 1. Move the Rooks (elementals/demons at the outer edges of the board) diagonally where the pawns used to be. This brings their AoE within range of the main battle area in the middle.
3. Move the Pawns in front of the King and Queen pieces so that when Medivh cheats, you can move your King out of the fire. Note: always move him unless the enemy King is almost dead.
4. Jump on the Queen piece and melt the enemy King's face Press 3 until the match is over. If he's not within range right away, don't worry he'll come to you soon enough. Typically, you will move your own King out of the fire once and the rest of the time you'll be spamming the single target spell until he's down.

2 Mounts

   The pets only drop from Heroic, please note that this is higher level content and can be trickier to solo than the rest.

1 Mount

   To complete a Baron run you now use the Service Gate (west of the Main Gate) to enter the Undead side of Stratholme. You will have to kill the three bosses that are protecting the spires they are standing in front of. Go inside each spire and destroy the crystal inside. This will unlock the gate to Slaughter Square where Baron is. You will have a fight a boss and clear a small gauntlet like event. The door to Baron will then unlock, good luck, this is one of the lowest drop rate mounts in the game.


Onyxia's Lair
1 Mount

   There isn't much to watch for here, don't stand in Deep Breath (50 DKP minus) and go ahead and burn down whelps if she even gets a chance to spawn them.

The Culling of Stratholme
1 Mount

   Culling of Stratholme is accessed through the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. These drop from an optional boss that is in a alley to the left, just before the final boss. There is a timer on this boss, but you will have no trouble beating it, just don't go AFK or something. Happy guaranteed drop!

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
4 Mounts (Technically), 3 Pets

   The Resonating Crystal mounts can only be used in AQ, but do count towards your mount total. These are a zone drop and will usually all drop for you within one clear. There is an achievement to obtain the red crystal. 
   Viscidus requires you to have some form of Frost damage (Frost Bolt, Icy Touch, Frost Shock, etc...) when he goes immune to damage you have to spam Frost damage on him until he transitions over. 
   Emperor Vek'lor, or Twin Emps as you're most likely to hear him referenced as, is a little tricky if you don't know what the mechanics are. First of all, be sure to kill all of the big Anubis statues wandering around, they pull when you pull the bosses and can get you killed. Vek'lor is immune to physical damage and Vek'nilash is immune to spell damage; they share health so stick to the one you can damage. They will eventually teleport to opposite sides of the room, just be sure to swap with them. When they are next to each other they will heal, but this isn't something to be concerned with current DPS.


Portal to Shattrath and make your way to...

Sethekk Halls
1 Mount

   Sethekk Halls will be found in Auchindoun, east of Shattrath City. Anzu only spawns in Heroic mode, he no longer requires an item that only Druids could obtain. There is no special strategy at this point, just burn him down and move along.

Serpentshrine Caverns (SSC)
3 Pets

   In the Coilfang Reservoir you will find SSC, The Underbog, The Steamvault, and The Slave Pens. SSC is a level 70 (Tier 5) raid instance and is where you are going to find the 3 listed pets. The only things to watch out for are a boss on the way to Tidewalker named Fathom-Lord, just be sure to clear all the mobs in his room before pulling him, and a mechanic on the Vashj fight itself. Vashj can now be skipped straight to without killing any other bosses. She will transition into a phase two that makes her go immune, you have to collect Tainted Cores from the Tainted Elementals (the green ones that throw sludge) and use them to break her shield. They spawn slowly, but despawn quickly so make sure you get to them fast, luckily looting the Cores no longer roots you. They can spawn anywhere around the bottom of the platform so just watch for when you start seeing sludge being thrown at you and follow it. The striders fear you and the other elementals buff her, so try to burn down the other adds on your way.
   If you haven't finished your Sporeggar and Cenarion Expedition rep, I recommend you go ahead and take the time to clear the three instances as well. Keep all Bog Lord Tendrils and Sanguine Habiscus to finish your reps to earn your Tiny Spore Bat pet and your Cenarion War Hippogryph mount.

Tempest Keep - The Eye
1 Mount, 3 Pets

   Tempest Keep (TK) is another level 70, Tier 5, raid. When fighting Solarian be sure to clear all trash first, they will MC you and get you killed. Void Reaver is immune to disease and poison and will frequently silence you. You may want to save him for last and take the staff from the Kael'thas fight to prevent the silence, depending on your class and spec. Kael'thas is a buggy sonofa so be sure to put away pets before fighting him, bring a PvP trinket if you have one, and settle in for a very long, drawn-out fight.

Hearth, port back to Shattrath, and take the portal to the Isle of Quel'Danas.

Magisters' Terrace
1 Mount, 1 Pet

   Magisters' Terrace is pretty straight forward at these levels, try to give yourself some space to work on the 3 boss fight (the "PvP" bosses). This instance is also well farmed for the Orb of the Sin'dorei which can drop from any of the bosses.


Coming Soon


   I have been absent from this blog for nearly a year now, and I have a pretty good excuse, but I missed it and I plan to pick it back up. The novel following this is to explain myself and my bad behavior. :(

   Mists of Pandaria was something I was excited for when it was announced, as most Warcraft fans were. A new expansion, and this time we're going to a new land again. The Theramore pre-launch event should have clued me in to how I would feel about the expansion, but I soldiered through and bought my husband and I both copies the morning of launch.

  We landed in Pandaria and began our adventure, excited about the hidden treasures to seek and interact with. I even found the Bind on Account Jade Infused Sword 30 minutes in to play. We encountered our first Rare, Morgrinn Crackfang, and were excited to find that Rare mobs were truly the Elites of old.

  Then we realized that there weren't really any instances to level with, and they certainly weren't our favorites we had ever done at that. Then we realized how many dailies there were and that they seemed, oddly, to be about the only thing available. Not many more instances unlocked at 90, professions were tied to dailies, and our guild of 6 years had moved to 10 man raids because there just weren't enough incentives to deal with the extra stress of planning around 25 people. Looking for Raid was my own personal nightmare; it was tuned way too easy to even keep you awake, better yet entertained, and populated with the same pond scum that trolled the very worst Looking for Groups.

   Needless to say, it wasn't long before my husband and I both found ourselves seeing our WoW subscriptions showing up on our bank account and realizing that we hadn't even logged in that month. We ended up cancelling our accounts and biding our time with League of Legends and joining some old guild mates on Guild Wars 2.

When the Siege of Orgrimmar patch launched, I had a guild mate tell me about Flex Raiding. We could now run raids, even current content, with anywhere between 10 and 25 raid members. It would automatically scale so people could even come and go as they pleased. I was intrigued but was going to wait it out until I saw Blizzard running a Facebook campaign for a free week of game time.

A week passed before I knew it and I was sucked back in. Guild mates were dragging me around Timeless Isle and I was able to get into Flex on any of my characters I had leveled and just enjoy the company of friends I had for years. MoP was more than tolerable. I was having fun again.

That lasted for 3 weeks. We started hemorrhaging players each week until even Flex, with all of its...well, flexibility, couldn't be run anymore. We found they were leaving for oQueue groups that required 550 iLvl. This despite the fact that we were clearing each boss on 3 or less attempts each week. They quickly turned Flex from what it was supposed to be, an opportunity to play with who you wanted to, in to another way to try to quickly devour content, get hot lootz, and move on.

Flex was a large step in the right direction, and after watching Blizzcon I have hope that the expected changes to raid types will be the final and correct one. Meanwhile, it sounds like we have another WotLK on our hands, with a massive gap between the final patch and the next expansion. In the meanwhile I believe we will be utilizing OpenRaid and I will be picking up Project Troll Roll once again. Here's hoping Warlords of Draenor will be a breath of fresh air.