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The Druids are Out

in full force. I just finally got my characters copied over to the PTR, and it seems like about 50% of the other players are druids playing around with the new forms.

I couldn't resist either, of course.

First image of reference for you. Yes, that is a Tauren Bear Form next to an Amani War Bear mount. Yes, they really are nearly the same size. Yes, that is one big bear butt.

Druid Forms

I wanted to wait until all the information and screens were out before I freaked on the new druid forms. I may only have a 77 Night Elf Druid and a 30-something Tauren Druid, but I'm right there with the rest of the Druid community in our excitement. I've heard a lot of complaints about "poodles" and such, but I think the updates are amazing. The new art style meshes with WoTLK better and the faces on the cats are menacing, and bears can close their mouths. Who thought this day would come? My only complaint, I know I'm ungrateful, is that they're having us change our forms through changing our non-form hair/fur colors. I like my white haired Night Elf and my black furred Tauren, I don't like the white bear or cat, and I don't like the black cat. I wish that there was a feature that would let you decide your bear, cat, and humanoid colors separately. Oh well, I'll stop whining eventually.

I used Andrige's custom art patch for quite some time, and they were beautiful.

This pack was created due to Blizzard never listening to the constant and needed suggestion of a change to our Feral forms. Lets hope that this might give Blizzard a clue on what we truly want!

If you look at his forms, and then at Blizzards, there are some distinct similarities. I'm not saying that Blizzard actually looked at his, as I have no way of knowing, but at the very least, it's an amusing coincidence.

This image is copyrighted to Andrige, and you can find more information on his pack here.

Blizzard just released information on what bear and cat form combo you'll get with the different hair/fur colors. MMO Champion has released very nice compilation images that you will find below.

Starting on a New Server

Whether you're just rolling a new alt, or considering a serious re-roll, the prospect of starting over can be especially daunting.  I'm one of those freaks that finds it refreshing, so I have managed to collect a few tricks to getting on your feet. There are some basic things that you need on a character; bags, a mount, and gold to support any professions you may want.