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The Druids are Out

in full force. I just finally got my characters copied over to the PTR, and it seems like about 50% of the other players are druids playing around with the new forms.

I couldn't resist either, of course.

First image of reference for you. Yes, that is a Tauren Bear Form next to an Amani War Bear mount. Yes, they really are nearly the same size. Yes, that is one big bear butt.

The Tauren and Night Elf forms don't have too huge of a size difference, but it is there. I think that's a good thing seeing as Tauren bulkier than Night Elves. Both the bear and cat forms are the same length (from nose to tail)and, therefor, should have the same hit box. The Tauren forms are just a hair taller, as you can see in the following images.

I unfortunately do not have a working version of Fraps right now, so no video. However, the animations have not changed for any of the forms; same /dance, /lay, and /sit. The only issues that I have noticed is that both races cat forms seem a bit fused at the neck when dancing, and the Tauren bear form stretches a bit strangely at the front arms while dancing.

Now, keep in mind, this is the PTR and all of this is subject to change. They may or may not change the models and animations.


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