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Low Level LFD Tool and You

For those of you unfamiliar with the LFD (Looking for Dungeon), also called LFG (LFGroup), tool it is a fairly new feature in WoW that allows you to find people looking to join a dungeon group. You can start using it at level 15, and can either sign up for specific dungeons that are within your level range, or sign up for "random" which will do exactly as it says. When your group is ready you are automatically teleported into it, and can teleport out by leaving group or click the "eye" on your minimap. If you are DPS, expect a wait of about ~10 minutes, this depends on your server, time, and level range of course. Healers will expect a minute or two, and tanks are nearly "insta-queue", so try not to go AFK. Nothing more annoying than sitting there watching someone time out because they decided to go get a sandwich.

Word to the wise; signing up for random is both faster and usually more beneficial for you as you will get a Satchel of Helpful Goods, which contains a random enchantment blue, some gold and extra experience at the end of the dungeon. At 70 you will start to get badges from doing randoms.

As far as my experiences go, here is what you can generally expect out of the groups at certain levels. I'll update as my two lowbie alts get a little further along, as most of my alts were in Outlands or Northrend by the time LFD came out.
Levels 15 to about 17 queued me up for nothing but Ragefire Chasm. I love this instance because it can be extremely fast and has a decent variation in drops from the bosses. Often times people think that the big Felguard is the only boss because you get the random complete alert, there is actually one more boss after him. Another mistake people seem to make frequently is thinking the named Satyr is a boss, he is only a quest mob and has no boss drops.
Around 18 I started getting a mix between Deadmines, Wailing Caverns, and Shadowfang Keep.

Deadmines is messy, especially if you're below level 19. Don't forget that after each boss leading up to the boat there is a patrol that comes from behind you, watch for it or you will get ganked. The goblin smelting room is the biggest source of wipes for any group, make sure no one but the tank pulls (and for Gods sake don't let him "face pull") or you can quickly get overwhelmed; burn down the engineers and save the summoned robots for last. When you get to the boat, and you're going up the ramp, make sure no one is standing at the top when Greenskin patrols by on the upper deck, he has a tendency to aggro from up there and pull the rest of the bridge. If you make this mistake, remember that everyone can jump on the big wheel to reset the mobs.

Wailing Caverns can be long, and new people get lost pretty frequently. Mobs bug out in the underground room, the one with Skum and all of the Wind serpents in it, so watch out for each other while there. Also don't let your group forget that after the "last boss", the giant Bog Lord, you can still do the escort at the beginning of the instance to spawn another boss. Usually groups don't stay together for this, but you can keep your fingers crossed.

Shadowfang Keep actually didn't turn out too badly, it's fairly quick. Make sure you kill the horses in the stables for a chance at some 10 slot bags. The biggest, and most frequent mistake I've seen groups make in there is the casters standing next to Wailing Guardsmen. They have an AoE silence, so make sure you stay away from them if you aren't melee, which I hope you aren't because that place is caster loot heaven.

Level 20 started bringing Blackfathom Deeps and a lot of Stockades.

Blackfathom Deeps, don't forget the Naga boss that is in one of the underwater caverns in the first bosses room (the big turtle). Lorgus Jett is not a rare or a boss, he is a quest mob so don't go chasing after him unless you need to. There is a boss underwater in the Moonshrine Sanctum room, he's a giant Threshadon, but it often ends up wasting so much time to find him that no one ever goes after him.

Stocks is easy and fast, but the loot absolutely sucks. Don't underestimate Bazil Thredd, he will hand your ass to you if you do.

Level 24 is when I began to see Razorfen Kraul and Gnomeregan. I don't claim to understand what magical happenings go on at this level but all the sudden your general player base starts to get worse.

Razorfen doesn't really have anything special to worry about. The bats have an AoE silence again, so stay away if you're a caster. Underneath the last boss there is an escort quest, and it makes the one in Wailing Caverns look short and vastly entertaining.

Gnomeregan. Oh, Gnomer. I shudder every time I get you. I feel...a little sad inside that I have to include the tips I'm about to give you, but they are mistakes that are made by nearly every player I've run into so far. First, the alarm bots. Kill them. They spawn a bunch of elites. I don't care what else you're doing, kill it. The elevator hurts really bad when you fall off of it. Try to pay attention and stay with the group or you're all going to end up at 15% health with a big patrol on top of you. Fun times. The Arcane Nullifiers will put up a shield, it reflects your harmful spells back onto you. Stop killing yourselves!

At level 30 I've started getting Scarlet Monastery - Graveyard. I'll update on that after I get another level or two and start seeing Armory, Library, and Razorfen Downs.


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